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8th Street Ale
Four Peaks Brewery
Tempe, Arizona & Scottsdale, AZ

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Brewers Notes: Here's a beer fit for an Englishman. So pull up your knickers and grab your mates and see why this beer came home with a medal at the World Beer Cup. Our English style "Best Bitter" has a mellow bitterness and a slightly sweet malt flavor. Its enticing aroma is derived from rare imported Kentish hops, which we use a lot of. This is one beer that will have you singing "God Save the Queen."

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Brooklyn Brewery, New York

Brooklyn was once known as America's brewing capital; at the turn of the 20th century Williamsburg alone was home to nearly 60 breweries. The originals are mostly gone, but this relative newcomer is bringing hops back to New York. New York taverns were community civic centers where the important issues...
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