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Category: Common Terms
Alc/vol: 2.6% to 9.6%

Is a barley and hop flavored alcoholic beverage. Beer is made by fermenting a mixture of water, barley, hops and yeast. The beer is then filtered, pasteurized, bottled and aged for a short period of time (2 to 9 months). Draft beer is not pasteurized. Beer is light golden yellow to reddish to almost black. Beer is produced worldwide.

There are many types of beers: ales, lagers, malt liqueurs, rice, stout, porter and draft. Each one having a distinct and unique character. Any type of beer can be used to make cool, refreshing summer drinks. Beer is best enjoyed chilled and served in chilled glasses.

Ales and Lagers: Both are made with water, barley, hops and yeast. Ales are fermented at a higher temperature than lagers. Different yeasts are used to produce ales and lagers. More hops are used in ales than in lagers. An ale usually has more body and is more bitter than a lager.

Malt Liqueur: A malt liqueur is also made from hops, water, yeast, and barley (the barley is soaked until it sprouts). A malt liqueur is usually sweeter and has more alcohol than an ale or a lager.

Rice Beer: Rice beer is made from hops, water, yeast, barley, and rice. Rice beer is light in flavor.

Stout and Porter: Stout and porter beer is light brown to black and quite sweet. The difference in color and flavor comes from roasting the barley before fermentation. A different yeast is also used to produce stout and porter beers.

Draft Beer: Draft beer is beer that has not been pasteurized. Pasteurization is a process by which beer (in this case) is heated to kill harmful bacteria. Pasteurization also kills harmless bacteria. Today, draft beer is as safe as any beer. When a beer is processed as 'Draft', the brewer will indicate it on the label.

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